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Enterprise Solutions

Integrated Solutions

Modern’s Integrated Solutions are focused on the intersection of our clients’ strategy, financial capital, and human capital to enable a value-backed conversation and alignment across the three.

By linking strategies and financial value drivers to what the company needs to do to execute on that strategy, Integrated Solutions creates an ideal blueprint for top roles and critical pools and brings the full stack of our assessment, placement, and coaching services to bear to identify and close the gap between the current state and the blueprint.

Our services consist of two offerings:

  1. Performance Context Clarification: Having a clear and aligned strategy, purpose, and culture is the critical foundation of the highest performing companies. How do these come together, align, and motivate to drive value?
  2. Critical Role Optimization: Driving alignment between strategic levers and human capital allows organizations to be laser focused on the talent that drives the business. How do you know which roles and pool matter? How does the conversation on org structure and resourcing become centered around value creation and value destruction instead of around cost?