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Executive Solutions

Executive Assessment

Modern’s assessment methodology is all about identifying the next generation of top talent. Based on scientific research, we combines psychometric, leadership, and technical assessment capabilities to understand the candidate’s ability to succeed in a role or organization.

We start by performing a technical, skill-based assessment to determine if the candidate possesses the critical technical skills and experiences to be successful in the role. With our psychometric assessment, we measure many factors, including personality traits, derailers, and motivators. Finally, we utilize an organizational and leadership assessment to evaluate the candidate’s capabilities to integrate and succeed in the new organizational construct and with the existing leadership team.

Executive Assessment

What to Expect

  • Comprehensive assessment, diving deep into behavioral, personality, motivational, leadership, and technical capabilities
  • Assessment of long-term success in the industry, company, culture, stakeholders, and specific opportunity
  • Evaluation of potential obstacles, derailers and the development of a 100 day integration / development roadmap
  • Ongoing support post assessment with coaching and advisory
  • Agile partnership, completely tailored and 100 percent focused on the client experience