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Sports & Entertainment

Behind the eye-popping spectacle and flash of Sports & Entertainment there are leaders

Athletes, now more than ever, need leaders they can trust to guide and believe in them and one who understands that the game is much more than sports.

At Modern, we intuitively recognize talent with that unique ability to lead. Because we’ve been in the room with it. We’ve played for it. We’ve worked alongside it. We’ve competed against it.

Success in sports at every level is all about leadership. It’s no surprise that great leaders tend to also be great teachers. To be able to both lead and develop your team is critical not just to your organization’s success and your own success … but, more importantly, to your people’s success.

It begins and ends with people, and we never lose sight of that.

At Modern we are proud and honored to partner with public and private organizations to conduct both coaching and executive level searches. We are committed to elevating diverse and overlooked candidates who exude the leadership qualities, character, and acumen that are critical to success at all levels.

Our leadership team has broad experience in coaching and management at the highest levels of professional and collegiate sports as well as sports media. The bright lights energize us. We understand the arenas in which you compete every day because we have been there ourselves.

Our approach to search ensures that, in close partnership with you, we can achieve the talent solution your people are looking for you to deliver.

Let’s get going!

Sports & Entertainment