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Kelly Jones-Waller


Kelly is an executive coach, trainer, facilitator, and team strategist who focuses on enhancing leadership effectiveness for those committed to greater impact in life and work. She partners with organizations, teams, and executives to create lasting sustainable change by focusing on what matters most – simultaneously achieving professional results and personal fulfillment in a constantly evolving environment.

Kelly has specific design and facilitation expertise in leadership development, team effectiveness, women’s leadership, equity, and inclusion, creating coaching cultures, as well as sales and marketing. Kelly coaches high-potential leaders and senior executives within Fortune 500, financial services, consumer goods, hospitality, healthcare, technology, and government organizations.

Prior to her career in coaching, Kelly held positions in advertising, sales, merchandising, and marketing in the apparel industry for Levi Strauss & Co. and Macy’s.

As an international coaching trainer, certification leader, and facilitator for Co-Active Training Institute for the past 20 years, Kelly has trained thousands of individuals and organizational leaders to best serve and empower others through mastery of coaching as a leadership competency. Her commitment to authentic expression and her courage to build bridges across differences, inspired her to design several equity and inclusion programs, including Racism in America: What is mine to do.