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Teresa Tanner

Reserve Squad

Building and reaping the benefits of a diverse team requires a comprehensive and holistic talent solution. After an executive is placed in a new role, a structured onboarding approach is fundamental to the long-term success of the individual by accelerating a leader’s ability to effectively integrate into a new organizational culture. Modern brings a new and refreshing value proposition--hire the best talent and support the HR Team in providing the new leader a foundation for long-term success.

Teresa Tanner is a seasoned C-Suite executive known for her ability to set strategic direction, execute flawlessly, and drive customer and employee loyalty. Teresa has extensive experience in financial services, serving most recently as the Chief Administrative Officer of Fifth Third Bank. Her functional expertise includes Human Resources, Bank Operations, Strategic Sourcing, Marketing and PR, Real Estate, Security, Business Innovation/Transformation and Risk Management. Teresa is known for her critical thinking, innovation, courageous leadership, and integrity. Teresa’s unique skills and passion has been leveraged in the C-Suite and in the boardroom in a variety of ways.

Throughout her career, Teresa has been a fierce advocate for women, leading innovative approaches to creating cultures where women can thrive and grow their careers. As a senior executive, she saw that progress towards gender equity is still moving too slowly, and has committed to leveraging her passion for women to address systemic changes. Teresa is founder and CEO of Reserve Squad, a company dedicated to changing the world for women by creating a new workforce structure that allows organizations to keep women learning and contributing at all life stages.