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Danny Hurt

Managing Director

The decisions we make and how we go about our work has a wide-ranging effect on others. Modern’s emphasis on both the candidate and the client experience makes a difference that goes deeper than just a simple transaction. Assisting in the assimilation of leaders into new roles through coaching and support over the first 90 days of hire helps make Modern truly unique in the marketplace. Add the charitable giving, and the values of Modern make me a very proud member of the team.

Danny has a wide variety of past experiences, having owned a restaurant, led large teams at a top technology firm, and implemented people development strategies at multiple financial institutions. He has worked with many executives, boards, and teams of all shapes and sizes to improve their performance. He is certified and experienced in several different assessment and coaching methodologies, and he is committed to helping others reach their career goals. An accomplished facilitator, presenter, and teacher, Danny enjoys working with both individuals and teams in their pursuit of top performance.

Danny is a recognized leader in the learning and development space, being called on frequently to discuss such topics as leadership development, vertical growth, organizational talent planning, training methods, and enterprise change management. Most recently, Danny created a leadership academy for a credit union. The results of this leadership academy included the promotion of over 60% of the attendees, including one internal promotion to the executive suite. Attendees of the program were mainly diverse candidates, and the program assisted underrepresented populations achieve higher performance ratings, promotions, and helped change the look of the leadership team. As an organizational development leader, Danny has created and implemented positional success factor models, created and launched new talent planning processes, and helped create succession plans.

Active in his community, you can often find Danny volunteering his time to teach and mentor others in local non-profit organizations.