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Ruth Cochran


With a combined 30 years in the executive talent advisory field and private practice psychotherapy, Ruth offers both expertise on c-suite leadership challenges and insight into the key factors that govern sustainable executive performance and personal thriving.

Ruth works across industries and functions. Her key areas of expertise for individual clients include onboarding into new roles and new companies, ensuring c-suite readiness, and creating sustainable performance and personal thriving by instilling practices of awareness and intention to cultivate purpose-driven outcomes.

Since 2014, Ruth has worked with Fortune 500 boards and CEOs as well as smaller fast-growth organizations to help them define strategic talent requirements for their top leaders through CEO and c-suite succession planning. She has assessed executives for their current leadership capabilities and longer-term potential and has worked with these executives on their development to help them succeed, through customized coaching and onboarding, in their most significant business challenges to date.

Ruth approaches coaching collaboratively, with transparency, humor, and an adaptive mindset. The cornerstone of her effectiveness is her commitment to personal leadership growth: modeling self-awareness, honesty, clarity and resilience, and helping clients optimize the capacity for these transformational tools in their own leadership.

Ruth has been actively licensed as a professional counselor in the state of Georgia since 2011 (LPC 008311) and has accrued over 6,000 hours of coaching and psychotherapy with clients in private practice.