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Advisory Solutions

DEI Leadership & Integration Services

Fostering a more inclusive environment and leveraging underrepresented talent

Diverse organizations are not necessarily inclusive and inclusive organizations are not necessarily diverse. However, organizations that invest in recruiting and empowering diverse talent while simultaneously focusing on creating a more inclusive culture are best positioned to leverage the contribution of all employees, resulting in a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Modern offers two unique services to help our clients improve DE&I outcomes. These proprietary offerings can be incorporated into our executive search post-placement process to accelerate the success of diverse hires or provided as stand-alone engagements.

DEI Leadership & Integration Services

What to Expect

Underrepresented Talent Coaching 

  • Coaching specifically designed to support underrepresented talent in integrating and leveraging their unique life experiences, cultural background, and perspective to create personal career impact while driving results for the organizations they support
  • Discover strategies and actions to promote career mobility and mastery
  • Explore approaches to navigate headwinds specific to the individual’s unique background and experiences

    Inclusive Leadership Coaching is an exploration of the life experiences that have shaped how a leadership team thinks and feels about differences.

    • Explore the team’s personal relationship with racism, colorism, and privilege and how this might influence interaction with people different from themselves
    • Provide room for introspection and curiosity about the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that shape each member’s relationship with diversity, inclusion, and equity
    • Reflect on biases and strategies to eliminate blind spots in a safe and non-judgmental setting