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Why Modern

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Over 50 percent of the candidates represented by Modern are diverse

Our world class accredited DEI professionals partner with clients to support their DEI journey every step of the way with creative talent and advisory solutions. Modern’s leadership team, Board and external partnerships recognize the unique needs of diverse talent and are 100 percent committed to innovating our executive search approach so that we not only place more diverse talent, but also support their long-term success and retention.

Every search firm is talking about diversity, but no one is doing anything fundamentally different. At Modern, we have reengineered the executive search approach to ensure we achieve a sustainable, diverse solution with an exceptional candidate and client experience along the way. You’ll find that we offer a truly differentiated approach to DEI across all of our integrated solutions.


"Building and reaping the benefits of a diverse team requires a comprehensive and holistic talent solution. After an executive is placed in a new role, our structured 100 day integration is fundamental to the long-term success of the individual by accelerating a leader’s ability to effectively integrate into a new organizational culture. Modern hires the best talent and in partnership with Reserve Squad, supports the HR Team in providing the new leader a foundation for long-term success."

Teresa Tanner, Integration Partner

Our commitment to candidate success does not end with placement

Modern’s talent services include a 100-day integration and onboarding process with one of our expert Executive Integration coaches to maximize the opportunity for impact and retention at your company. Our unique process includes:

  • Coaching specifically designed to support diverse talent in leveraging their unique life experiences, cultural background, and perspective to create personal career impact while driving results for the organizations they support
  • Discovery of strategies and actions to promote career mobility and mastery
  • Exploration of approaches to navigate headwinds specific to the individual’s unique background and experiences
  • Coaching for legacy leadership teams to support fostering a more inclusive culture

    "The team has always shown a capability to dig deep in order to uncover world class diverse talent. Rather than waiting for gaps, we have been able to proactively build our bench with a great supply of talent. In addition, they spend a lot of time assessing and integrating the candidates to ensure our hires are successful long term."

    LJ Brock, Chief People Officer, Coinbase