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Why Modern

Giving Back

We work with non-profits and charitable organizations to donate to America's underserved youth

At Modern, we live our values. One of our core values is corporate social responsibility. Our Board, shareholders and employees are proud to be a part of a “giving back” culture.

We aim to tackle our company’s mission of improving diverse talent across all industries through both a top-down and bottom-up approach of placing senior executive leadership teams while at the same time broadening the diverse talent pipeline through financial support and volunteering our expertise on career development for underserved communities.

Some of the amazing organizations we proudly support

F&O Logo 2
Futures and Options empowers New York City’s youth, particularly youth of color and students from historically underrepresented communities, to acquire transferable professional skills, pursue higher education, and successfully compete in a global 21st century economy. Our business partners and supporters help us provide transformative career development opportunities to young people, enabling them to succeed in college and inspiring them to pursue meaningful careers.
Carolyn Silver, Executive Director, Futures and Options

We are a purpose driven company


Atlanta Youth Academy is more than just a school. Through excellent academics and active pursuit of God’s word, AYA has created a spirit-filled community in which opportunities transform futures. Serving youth in pre-K through eighth grade, we guide bright minds in their formative years, preparing them for what lies ahead and giving them a solid moral and spiritual foundation. With the help of generous gifts from our community and steadfast commitment from students' families, AYA changes lives.

Erin Conrad, Development Director