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Why Modern

Client & Candidate Care

“We meet you where you are”

We have developed a search process and a range of complimentary talent and advisory services to deliver the experience our clients and candidates deserve. Our project team of professionals in market intelligence, DEI coaching, integration coaching and leadership assessment are on the project from day one through the entire engagement to deliver a completely different level of experience. Our approach is highly agile with speed, allowing us to deliver better candidates faster. To ensure the highest quality and the utmost care in all that we do, our VP, Experience closely watches every search. And, the final fee is after integration based on client feedback and satisfaction.


"The team at Modern knows how to identify unique talent and ultimately how to help clients build winning strategies. They are agile and caring in their approach and work to develop long-lasting relationships with both clients and candidates. They also know the importance of diversity and understand that the more diverse the team, the better the results."

Don Callahan, Executive Chairman, TIME

Exceptional candidate experience

At Modern, candidates are treated the same as clients. We invest in the candidate experience to ensure we have the highest caliber of candidate attraction and engagement to pass onto our clients. Modern wants to become the “hero magnet” for the best global talent due to our candidate network. Our expansive research methodology will build long-term relationships with diverse talent outside of the “obvious suspects.” We provide presented candidates with a 60-minute coaching and development session after the assessment process on behalf of the client. In addition, our internal employee reward structure is aligned to ensure all candidates receive an exceptional experience.

"At Modern we've built a purpose driven organization that's been designed differently to ensure we positively impact the executives and the organizations we work with. That is why every executive that we assess receives developmental feedback, on behalf of our clients, using the insights we gather through the assessment process."
Scott Macfarlane, Senior Partner