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Suzanne Taylor

Client Relations Manager

What is in a name – everything. I cannot think of a better way to build, maintain, and continually fulfill the purpose of a company that is leading innovation in a fresh, new way in this industry. I am so proud and grateful to be a part of this newness.

Suzanne is a Client Relations Manager based in Atlanta, GA. Prior to Modern, she gained expertise at three of the top five Executive Search firms. Suzanne brings 18+ years of project coordinator and administrator experience supporting Senior Partners in a variety of industries including Human Resources, Technology, Private Equity, CFO, Industrial, Consumer, Healthcare and Board sectors. Throughout her career, she has been recognized as a resolute professional with a proven record of fostering strong, lasting client relationships, and building rapport based on trust and reliability.

Suzanne was born in Yorkshire, England and grew up in Jamaica where she attended school through business college. She moved to Georgia over 27 years ago. When free, Suzanne has a strong passion for family, humanitarian causes, fashion, travel, and jazz.