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Tom Harrington

Senior Practitioner

I believe the greatest success differentiator for any organization is talent and teamwork. Finding leaders who create and foster high performing teams will always achieve new levels of success. The challenge before us is matching the right leadership style and vision with the needs of each organization. The team at Modern is more than up for this challenge with a new approach to providing unique talent for their client organizations.

Tom Harrington is a Senior Advisor to McKinsey and brings nearly 20 years of experience in information security and risk management. Prior to McKinsey, Tom served as Managing Director and Chief Information Security Officer at Citigroup from 2012 to 2018. There, he was responsible for expanding cybersecurity initiatives focused on protecting Citi, its clients and customers. He also led a transformation effort to install an intelligence-led, threat-focused strategy and approach to cyber at Citi. Tom was a member of the Operations & Technology (O&T) Committee, and led the Information Security Committee, the Global Fraud Management Committee and the Global O&T Business Risk, Compliance & Control Committee.

Prior to Citi, Tom was the Associate Deputy Director for the FBI. He helped build the FBI’s Counterterrorism Program after 9/11, leading the enterprise wide transformation effort to become an intelligence led organization. He also led the oversight of Human Resources, Training, Leadership Development, Strategy Management, and Security, among other departments. Before this, he served as the Executive Assistant Director for the Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch of the FBI, fighting cyber intrusions, public corruption, and financial crimes.