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Bill Schaninger, PhD

Senior Partner

Modern is becoming the talent obsessed professional services I’ve always wanted to help build and grow. The people here give me the best chance to do that.

With over two decades of experience as a consultant and researcher, Bill specializes in advising senior executives on how to strengthen their business performance through enhanced culture, values, and talent.

Prior to joining Modern, Bill spent nearly 23 years at McKinsey & Company. During his career at the firm, he helped a variety of clients, including CEOs, government ministers, and other top executives to assess organizational health through workforce analytics and lead initiatives to improve it. Most recently, he was a Senior Partner Emeritus where he focused on researching large-scale organizational and cultural change. He also led the Global Talent Practice and was the Global Knowledge Leader of the Org Practice, serving clients across industries and geographies to assess organizational health and lead initiatives to improve it, leveraging data and analytics, best practices, and innovative solutions.

Bill is an international speaker, author, and thought leader on the future of work and the role of middle managers in driving change and innovation. His book, Power to the Middle, provides actionable insights for leaders to empower and develop their most valuable asset. He is a Forbes contributor and regularly shares his perspectives and findings in Forbes, Fortune, Economist, BBC, Harvard Business Review, and Axios.

Bill holds a BA and MBA from Moravian College and an MS and PhD in Management from Auburn University.