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Executive Solutions

Talent Pipelining

Continual access to diverse and emerging leaders of tomorrow from high demand and untapped talent pools

Unique times require a Modern approach to talent planning. The most sought-after candidates may not engage purely for a “role alignment,” but may seek long-term multi-faceted attachment to the organization. An external search helps to identify a specific candidate, but an extended talent plan improves diversity success rates, creates deeper candidate engagement and leads to more accurate hiring decisions. Holistically, proactive talent pipelining builds board confidence, enhances employer brand and market positioning through an agile, organizational approach.

As an extension of your team, Modern provides an evolved candidate experience that ensures deeper market connectivity to high demand talent.

Talent Pipelining

What to expect

  • Customized solution to multiple diverse talent needs
  • Board and Executive Team confidence in the future of the company’s executive talent
  • Relationships with global talent grounded in leadership development and strategy alignment
  • Market intelligence to ensure accurate and reliable hiring decisions
  • Value driven process designed to flex up or down meeting client agility over a 4-24 month engagement
  • Experience centric partnership with every candidate and client